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| Thursday, 19 Sep 2019
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55+ Plus Magazine - Free Senior Magazine South Florida

This free senior magazine of South Florida was created originally as a magazine for senior citizens of Southeast Florida.

Resource toll free phone line55+ Magazine became the baby boomers publication of choice, as the free Bi lingual senior magazine publication of South Florida.

This free senior magazine publication of Southeast Florida is full of information on services, assistance, products and resources for senior citizens, Baby Boomer’s, health care professionals and caregivers. As a free senior magazine publication originated in Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, and as a magazine dedicated to the baby boomers, 55+ magazine free senior publication offers valuable Bi lingual information on retirement living, assisted and independent living included but not limited to Palm Beach, Broward and Fort Lauderdale area. With the cooperation of,,,, and, 55+ Magazine publication can provide accurate and important information to the Senior Citizens and Baby Boomers of Florida.

This free senior magazine publication is currently serving the Southeast region of Florida from Port Saint Lucie to The Keys. 55+ Magazine, as a Bi lingual Senior Publication, is being distributed in over 60 hospitals, 160 Skilled Nursing Facilities and Rehabilitation Centers of South Florida as well as in Assisted Living and Retirement Living communities. 55PLUS Magazine, as a magazine for senior’s citizens, Baby Boomers, health care professionals and caregivers, can be found in many locations as a free publication in Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. You can also access 55+ Magazine publications online going to, you will be able to browse this Free Senior publication of South Florida in a very friendly manner designed and dedicated for the Baby Boomers, Seniors Citizens, Caregivers and Healthcare providers.

Many of our readers consider 55+ Magazine publication as a Free Baby Boomer’s and Seniors’ Retirement Living Lifestyle magazine publication. Baby Boomers and Health Care Professionals use our Florida Senior Publication resources and guides available to them online at and/or 55+ Magazine free publication in print. The ultimate goal is to provide quality informative articles geared to baby Boomers, senior citizens of Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, as well as for seniors of Palm Beach and Miami Dade Counties.

55+ Magazine senior publication also offers a full line of products for seniors such as: books, games, music, and innovative items of interest for our baby Boomers and Senior Community needs. 55+ Magazine shopping section can also be found in our Website under 55+ Lifestyle shopping section. The intention of Fifty Five Plus Lifestyle Shopping section is to educate our Senior community and therefore protect them.

55+ Magazine, as a bi lingual Baby Boomer publication, counts with the cooperation of many national and international professionals who understand and continue studying the changes, movement, and the needs as a community of Seniors, Baby Boomers and their caregivers, making Fifty Five Plus Magazine Senior Publication originated in Fort Lauderdale, Broward county, the most desired magazine of Florida among the Elder senior population.

The team at Fifty Five Plus Magazine will continue working with diverse contributors to be able to provide the free bilingual publication 55+ magazine in southeast Florida. The ultimate goal of 55+ Magazine publication is to provide current contact information of services, appropriate advice and assistance, products and resources for Baby boomers, seniors, caregivers and healthcare professionals. The intent of the 55+ Magazine senior publication is to continue to improve the accuracy of all our directories and guides providing current information and assistance in Assisted Living, Adult Day Care Centers, Hospitals, Skilled Nursing facilities and Rehabilitation centers for South Floridians.