We are much more than just another magazine… We’re a lifestyle.

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| Sunday, 18 Mar 2018
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Our Departments

55+ MagazineFree bilingual publication features healthcare articles for Baby Boomers and seniors lifestyle columns.  It is “the source” of information for those who are fifty-five and over.
55+ Español More than a “translated” publication, 55+ understand the Hispanic marketplace to help you also reach this targeted population that is prevalent throughout South Florida.
55+ ResourcesInside the magazine is a Resource Guide listing National and Local resources for the programs and services essential to the magazine’s readership. Also available online at
55+ DiversityExperience working with the intergenerational society enables 55+ to reach its target market through the families and caregivers of those who need the products and services offered.
55+ Pride – Sensitive to the needs of all populations, 55+ provides the LGBT community with the information and services they need.
55+ Shopping – Markets a diverse category of products such as music, DVDs, books, games, cognitive stimulation resources, guides and much more to offer the best products at the lowest cost.
55+ Projects – Specializes in product/service representation and consulting for businesses that want to achieve their desired goal of reaching Baby Boomers and geriatric population as part of the overall marketing strategy.

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We are much more than just another magazine… We are resources!

 Special Projects for: Aged Care Nursing, Alzheimers & Dementia Care & Services, Assisted Living Care Services, Assisted Living Centers, Assisted Living Facilities And Nursing, Assisted Living Homes, Elderly Care Homes, Geriatric Residential, Home Health Care Nursing, independent living community, Management, Nursing, Nursing And Personal, Placement, Rest Home, Retirement & Assisted, Retirement Accommodation, Retirement And Life Care Communities, Senior Living Communities, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Transition