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| Sunday, 18 Mar 2018
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Do you have an undetected vision problem? -- 55+ Magazine, Issue 5

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Few people realize that even if they test 20/20 on an eye chart during a routine exam, they may still have undetected vision problems that are often misdiagnosed and severely reduce their enjoyment of life and even contribute to falls.
Symptoms typically include swerving off course even when you think you’re walking a straight line, seeing words “jump around” on a page when you’re reading, finding yourself unable to pour a beverage without missing the cup, and tripping on chair legs.

The reasons for those problems travel under fancy names such as convergence insufficiency, binocularity problems, visual midline shift syndrome, and impaired peripheral vision. They are often associated with people who have experienced a stroke or head injury.

Few optometrists are trained to recognize such problems. However, even the U.S. Army in February recognized the impact undetected vision problems can have on returning soldiers and instituted a program to check for them.

In rehabilitation settings, it’s particularly important to make sure that as part of your therapeutic recovery plan your vision isn’t overlooked.

Whitehall Boca Raton recently launched its own functional vision rehab program, which is led by world -renowned neuro-optometrist Dr. Larry Lampert. He noted that recent studies show at least 35 percent of the elderly population have binocular vision problems and may be experiencing falls as a result. He advises anyone with persistent vision problems to seek an optometrist able to diagnose and prescribe proper treatment for those issues.



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