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| Sunday, 18 Mar 2018
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The world according to Joan Collins -- 55+ Magazine, Issue 5

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By Nelson A. Garcia

Our cover celebrity for this issue is a golden globe winner, an emmy nominee, an actress, a singer, a producer, a tV star, an author, a columnist and a great humanitarian. and, we’re sure we have left out many more accomplishments of the legendary Joan collins.

Most recognized for her role as Alexis Carrington on the tV show, dynasty, Joan has sold over 50 million copies of her novels and memoirs, appeared in over 60 films, been seen on tV in more than 100 parts, acted in more than 25 theatrical productions in new york and London, won over 30 awards, and has supported many charities over several decades. the best part is that she continues to do all of these things and has a new book coming out the end of this year titled, “the World according to Joan.”

I know our readers will enjoy our interview with the fabuLous Joan Collins.

55+   On the Piers Morgan show recently, you stated that your mother raised you to take care of yourself and that you look good because of your good genes. Did you get your great legs from your mother too?

JC    My mother’s friends used to call her “Marlena” because she had such great legs like the famous actress, Marlena Dietrich.

55+   Is it true that the first role you ever played was that of a boy? Tell us a little about that.

JC   Yes, that’s true, in Henrik Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House” at the Variety Arts Theater. I was nine years old. It seems girls were a lot less trouble than boys and that’s why they cast me and my friend Judith.

55+  The original creator of Dynasty, Richard Shapiro has announced that he is going to bring the show back for a big screen outing. He has revealed that the film will take place when John Forsythe’s character discovers he is an heir to an oil fortune. Whose idea was it and tell us a little bit about the idea for this “prequel?”

JC My lips are sealed!

55+  Many people don’t realize that, along with being an actress, you are quite an author. How many books have you written and what kind of books are they?

JC   I’ve written 5 novels, 4 beauty books, 2 autobiographies and one about my daughter’s accident. If you count the new one, that’s 13 books in all.

55+  Tell us a little about your family history. Did anyone in your family come from a show business background?

JC  I was born in England to a theatrical family. My father was an agent and entrepreneur. My grandmother, her sisters and my father’s sisters and my aunts were all actresses and musical variety performers.

55+   Do you have sisters and brothers? Did any of them enter show business?

JC   I’m sure you’ve heard of my sister, Jackie….??!! My brother Bill is in real estate in the UK. We are the three musketeers.

55+   Yes, we all know your famous, author sister, Jackie. Do you spend much time together?

JC   Yes, here in Los Angeles, we have a lot of time together and especially when our brother Bill comes to visit. We all get together and have a great time.

55+   A lot of people don’t know that you tested for Cleopatra, the movie along with Elizabeth Taylor. It was sad to lose her recently. You posted a beautiful tribute to her on your website. Were you friends and did you ever work together?

JC  Yes, we were great friends and did her last movie together, “These Old Broads” with Debbie Reynolds and Shirley MacLaine.

55+  We know you made an exercise video in 1994, “JOAN COLLINS PERSONAL WORKOUT: SECRETS OF FITNESS AND BEAUTY.” Do you still work out today? It looks like you do.

JC   Of course! You have to if you want to stay fit after 50.

55+  We have read that you are a big supporter of the Monarchy. How do you feel about your new Princess Kate?

JC   I don’t know her personally, but she seems like a very nice lady.

55+   You are a well-known supporter of many charities. Can you tell us a little about that?

JC   I am a patron of the Shooting Star Hospice and the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) in England as well as sponsoring several children in developing countries. I always have felt that children are most in need of protection and that is why I devote all of my energy to them.

55+   Not many people know that you are also a singer. I especially loved when you performed “The Boys in the Back Room” from the 1930’s movie,” Destry Rides Again.” What was your favorite singing performance?

JC   I just sang “I Wanna Be Evil” in pantomime in England and that was great fun!

55+    With all of the films, TV shows, books and projects that you have been involved in, can you tell us what was the absolute favorite part of your career?

JC   My favorite thing was producing and starring in my mini-series, “Sins.” I did almost everything in that and we beat the Super Bowl in the ratings that year

55+  Your new book, “The World According to Joan” will be released in a few months. Can you tell us a little of what we have to look forward to?

JC   My opinions on men, morals, manners, fashion and glamour…. all told candidly and with lots of humor.

55+   You and Raquel Welch looked absolutely amazing at the John Wayne Cancer Institute’s Odyssey Ball. Glamorous is the word! Who do you think personifies glamour today?

JC   Us!.....and Sophia Loren and Queen Rania of Jordan

55+  Many of the Baby Boomers first came to know you as Sister Edith Keeler in a Star Trek episode titled “The City on the Edge of Forever.” Do you still have “Trekkie” fans?

JC Yes, tons!!

55+   Recently, you hosted the Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards benefit with George Hamilton. With the economy ailing, did you raise as much as you did last year? And who were some of the celebrities that came out for this star-studded evening?

JC   I was told that we raised almost twice as much as last year! My sister Jackie was there, along with Ann Margaret, Dihann Carroll, Donna Mills, Pauley Perrette, Michael Wetherly and many more.

55+  Speaking of George Hamilton, you both looked beautiful on the cover of a fashion magazine recently. Does someone choose what you wear for events or do you have your own sense of style?

JC   I never use a stylist. I plan my own outfits so everything you see with me is really me.

55+   All of your fans think you are a “doll.” But now you really are! Mattel has made an “Alexis” doll. How do you feel when you look at her?

JC   It’s cute, but I look better!

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