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| Sunday, 18 Mar 2018
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Cynthia Segal: The power of our words -- 55+ Magazine, Issue 6

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The actress Sophia Loren, the Italian Diva, was born Sofia Scicolone. Her father Riccardo was married to another woman leaving Sophia labeled as illegitimate. As a young girl, so the story goes, she was ruthlessly teased for being illegitimate, skinny, poor and ugly, and nicknamed “the toothpick”. When she was little, Sophia’s maternal grandmother made up a song for her with words telling Sophia that when she grew up she would be cherished, happy, beautiful and rich. The song continued on to promise that all her dreams and wishes would come true.

 Sophia’s grandmother sang this song to her over and over and by her early twenties, Sophia had created her life to be a true reflection of this song.

 If it is true that our words and thoughts create our life then what you are thinking and saying deserves the strictest scrutiny.

 Are you brave enough to make up your own song? A song of love and radiant good health with joy and laughter filling your life. A song you sing to yourself over and over.

 If it is also true that time is going faster and faster I predict that your dreams and wishes will come true all that quicker.

 May I ask a favor? Would you consider sending me your song and I’ll sing it with you in those moments when you need a little love and support.



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