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| Thursday, 19 Sep 2019
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In this past quarter, 55+ Magazine was featured on several radio stations in Southeast Florida. Many people are curious about us. Why 55+?
55+ Magazine is an educational, entertaining and resourceful publication. The magazine continues to evolve and grow through its publication. In my professional opinion, the much needed information for those individuals over the age of 55 was evidence that resources and information should be made available to them. I have always wanted to communicate and educate our senior population in an easy and comfortable manner. We are the only Bi Lingual Magazine that views the aging process with a positive outlook.
As I’ve said in the past, we begin aging from the day we are born and this natural process cannot be ignored. 55+ Magazine welcomes everyone to keep learning and supporting their current and future needs. We continue to bring you information that is valuable to you and your community.
We are the only 55+ Bi lingual magazine able to support community resources, services and professionals in our area and bring you accurate and correct information. Due to our involvement with not for profit and for profit organizations, we are able to continue to keep our community informed and current with daily changes in our society. Thanks to our readers and our followers, we know that we are providing a vital service to our senior population as well as to their caregivers and loved ones. 55+ keeps you informed, educated and entertained through our celebrity interviews and professional editorials. Education is power at any age! 55+ sparks the curiosity of everyone, and that’s why 55+ Magazine was born.