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| Sunday, 18 Mar 2018
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The Sheriff's Corner - Oct 2014

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The Sheriff's Corner By SHERIFF SCOTT J. ISRAEL BROWARD COUNTY, FL                 

As Sheriff, I want to ensure the Broward Sheriff’s Office is doing everything we can for our county’s seniors while honoring and respecting their in d e pe n d e n c e . The Broward 2-1-1 Senior Touchline is saving lives by providing a free daily telephone call to seniors age 60 and over who live alone in Broward County.

In March 2013, Irene Bell was standing on a stool in her kitchen, stretching for a treat for her service dog when she lost her balance and fell. Irene, who lives alone, was hurt and couldn’t move. When Irene missed her 9 a.m. call from Broward 2-1-1, a BSO deputy was dispatched.

Without 2-1-1 Irene might not have gotten the help she needed. Here’s how it works: three calls are placed to the senior’s home within an hour. If there is no response, Broward 2-1-1 Senior Touchline alerts BSO and a deputy is sent to the residence immediately.

The daily call counselor also establishes a caring, reliable relationship. The counselor can connect seniors with agencies and organizations that can provide needed food, transportation, or required medication.

For more information or to register for Broward 2-1-1 Senior Touchline, dial 2-11 or visit the Broward 2-1-1 website at

To find out more about the Broward Sheriff’s Office, visit to view our community events calendar, sign up for e-alerts, or connect with BSO on Facebook and Twitter. •


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