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| Thursday, 20 Jun 2019
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The Sheriff's Corner - 2017

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No one can ever be completely safe from a scam or identity theft - not even the sheriff of Broward County. A couple of years ago, scammers attempted to swindle me of my money through a fraudulent scheme. I knew right away that something was wrong and I directed BSO detectives to investigate. But if criminals try to scam the sheriff, they will certainly try to do it to you.

The most effective economic crime is one in which criminals steal your identity. This is a growing problem affecting millions of Americans every year. Using advances in technology, criminals can obtain and use your personal information easier than ever for their own illegal intent. Your identity can be stolen in a variety of ways: from your trash, over the phone or online.

BSO is helping in the fight against identity theft. We provide residents a convenient, safe way to dispose of personal documents, check stubs, credit card offers, receipts and other items that might contain sensitive data through our free, monthly Shred-A-Thon events throughout Broward County. For a list of upcoming dates and times in your city, please visit

Remember, you are the best line of defense in protecting yourself against identity theft and scammers. •

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