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| Tuesday, 20 Aug 2019
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Celebrating Sixty Years – 
Great Pancakes and Burgers and a Whole Lot More!


IHOP celebrates 60 great years of business this year.  That’s a long time. 

Along with this, IHOP is re-dedicated to its’ 55+ guests who have grown up with IHOP. 
So much so that they’ve put together a new, exceptionally reasonably priced menu which
is available seven days a week.  They want to see their 55+ guests more often and to
encourage this, IHOP has introduced a new menu where Breakfast starts at $4.99,
Lunch starts at $5.99 and Dinner starts at $6.99.  Breakfast has six items to choose from
with things to please all appetites.  Lunch and dinner have similar great choices. 
All Sodas, coffee and tea are 99 cents.  IHOP then added, in case these guests don’t want
to order from the 55+ Menu, 10% off any of the regular menu items.

Stop by and check out this great menu.  IHOP has a beautiful décor with warm, friendly teams
to greet you.  This new 55+ Menu is available in most Florida IHOP Restaurants.
IHOP also wants to brag about their partnership with Children’s Miracle Network Local Hospitals
who treats over 10 million kids each year.  The local Florida IHOP Restaurants have raised just
under $4 Million dollars in the last five years!

For your nearest IHOP Restaurant, please check online at