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By Humberto Fortuna MA, MS,    Publisher   

So much time has passed since I wrote my last letter in 55+ Magazine. Sometimes we do not realize how important things are and we put them aside while we feel that we are moving forward. Being able to write these few lines is something that I have been missing so much…

As a serial entrepreneur, I am not intimidated easily by changes or new situations in our society or in relationships. Of course, I usually get SURPRISED, but I always try to manage those situations from an objective point of view. Without getting political, we are going through unconventional social events in this country that make us realize how important it is to be and live in the present, in the moment, in today and not in the past or even in the future.

Many of you have been following us and reading 55+ Magazine for over 8 years now. Even though many people thought a print version was not going to last because of the power of the internet and online media. But the MORAL of the story is… No matter what people say or think or wish for you… what counts is WHAT YOU THINK and believe you need to DO… and that is all…be yourself and be in the PRESENT… who knows what the future holds… •


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