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55+ Magazine MEDIA Focus

55+ Magazine Media System is a proven, evolving system that worked for many companies and is now available in a broader and more affordable sense.

At 55+ Magazine Media System, we can prove that print media is as important as radio, television and social media and community involvement via community resource events. When you understand the needs of your market and you study your markets likes and dislikes so you can fulfill their needs, is when you understand what type of media you should concentrate on and incorporate in your marketing plan and strategy.  Integration of Free Directory Information for seniors is another way to help our target market to contact us and YOUR organization when you become part of the 55+ Network.

With a proven, successful record through the years as an entrepreneur, Humberto Fortuna, a Healthcare Administrator, Geriatric Specialist, Author and Publisher created 55+ Magazine, voted the most Preferred Bi Lingual Magazine in South Florida by its readers. He continues expanding his vision via 55+ Education, 55+ Espanol, 55+ Diversity divisions and 55+ Shopping with the cooperation of Scoop for Seniors, LLC, helping and assisting other businesses reach their goals.

As we said before, we understand our market and 55+ Magazine concentrates on print media, as well as other types of media. Of course, let’s understand that the segment of the population that we are targeting is a very versatile population. We have individuals that are very computer literate and many that are not. We also understand there are individuals that will not look at print advertisement on a daily basis and those that are not into radio or TV.

So we understand our market, you also need to know how you can reach those individuals when they need your services, what media will be present and how important is the combination of all of them.

In many cases your services can be found on the internet. But in many cases your target market is not in front of a computer or a TV to get your message at the very moment that they need your services.

What about when someone needs to refer a client to you?….do you usually get clients via your website?...  do people really give other people your website in order for them to contact you?… or is it easier to have a brochure, a business card or a print ad to refer to?

Some people think that print advertisement is expensive, or that a small ad is all you need, or that the internet is the best way.

NOW ASK yourself how much junk mail do you get every week? How many magazines do you get for free in the mail? How much money do you think a company will spend on print advertisement without a good outcome?

WELL, the answer is that some companies do understand their market. Many spend thousands of dollars in print advertisement understanding that this is the direct way to target their specific market. At 55+ Magazine Media System, we believe that our market needs the inclusion of all the medias, but print advertisement MUST be one of them.

Internet, Radio and TV do reach a larger amount of individuals, but is still more expensive than the print advertisement for sure, with no guarantee on the returns.

But ask yourself, are they targeting the population directly and focusing in on the Market that you want?

At 55 + Magazine, we integrate print, internet, social, press releases, community events and strategic alliances with other businesses to help you and your organization become more successful!  With our system and our print distribution, we can help you reach your GOAL and give you the support  you NEED!

Contact us to learn how much more we have to offer you and your organization NOW!   Just call us at 954 967 6191 and request a meeting with the publisher or view our Media Kit online. Let us help you reach your goals!


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