Scoop for Seniors Transitional Services Coordination

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        Transitional Services Coordination

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This program is designed for clients and/or families in need of coordination of several services related to a short term or long term goal of transitioning from home to an independent, assisted living or nursing home environment.

Program Cost: $375 (4 hours)

  1. Initial consultation (usually over the phone) with client and/or family (30 min) 
  2. Situation assessment which includes definition of short and long term goals, expectations and time frame related to the transition (1 hour) 
  3. Gathering of pertinent information related to Medicare, Medicaid or Long Term Insurance to maximize and coordinate available benefits by the time of the transition (30 min) 
  4. Referrals to legal or financial services if necessary, to coordinate assets accessibility, living will preparation, power of attorney or health care surrogate appointment and/or any other legal or financial matter related to the transition  (Legal and financial fees not included in this program) (30 min) 
  5. Coordination with specialized moving company for packing, storage or disposal of furniture and/or personal belongings at the time of transition (1 hour) (Moving company fees  not included in this program) 
  6. Coordination with transportation company or family members for safe transportation of the client to new place of residence (30 min)  
    (Transportation fees not included in this program)

OPTIONAL: If client is transitioning from hospital to home with the short or long term goal of a future transition to alternative housing, and/or care management, to include the coordination of additional services such as home health services, physician appointments and transportation for that period of time, add a minimum of 5 hours at the rate of $ 95 per hour to be paid in advance.