Home Care Services Coordination

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Home Care Services Coordination

Call for a Free Consultation: 954 961 5223

Home Care Services Coordination

$ 375 (4 hours)

This program is specifically designed for clients who would like to, as long as they are able, to remain at home with appropriate coordination of services for their needs and conditions.


 Initial consultation (usually over the phone) with client and/or family (30 min)

  1. On-site bio-psychosocial assessment/evaluation of client which includes physical, mental, emotional and social status and specific needs (90 min)
  2. Gathering of additional information, if necessary (30 min)
  3. Development of personalized report/plan of care (1 hr)
    1. includes summary of bio-psychosocial assessment and additional information provided
    2. List of all the findings, along with presenting problems and issues
    3. Evaluator’s recommendations
    4. Detailed, step by step plan of care including community resources, available benefits, referrals and all other pertinent resource information
    5. Delivery and presentation of report to client and/or family (30 min); delivery of report is usually done through e-mail or postal mail with presentation over the phone or Skype when available.


OPTIONAL: Plan of care implementation, coordination of Medicare/Medicaid services, weekly, on-site monitoring of services received, report of client’s well-being, coordination of additional services and/or alternative placement based on client’s needs.  (Minimum 5 hours at the rate of $95 per hour, paid in advance)