Scoop for Seniors on What is a Transition?

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A Change from one state, Stage or concept to another

Transitions can be difficult and complex, especially when it involves healthcare issues, insurances, crisis and diverse interventions.

Scoop for Seniors specializes in diverse types of transitions that a person may find themselves in during the course of their lives.

A transition can consist of transferring a patient from a local nursing home to another local skilled nursing facility, or, in some cases, from one state to another.

Some transitions can involve alternative housing such as Assisted Living Facilities, Independent Living Facilities or Metal Heath Care Units.  Scoop for Seniors specializes in the transition of clients from out of state to Southeast Florida, coordinating all aspects of services and benefits.

Scoop for Seniors, through this new Transitional Program, helps families achieve their goals with a holistic and organic approach.

At Scoop for Seniors, we have witnessed many cases where clients or patients were not able to achieve their highest level of functioning due to the lack of coordination of appropriate services.

A transition can also be more than just a physical move. Some transitions can involve a new disability or a new behavior. This can be overwhelming and very difficult to adjust to, not only for the patient, but the family as well.

With our Healthcare Network System and Coordination of Services, Scoop for Seniors can also assist a client who wants to remain in their home. Sometimes, this can be the safer and healthier way to go. We will make sure the person at home has appropriate services and support.

Safety is our number one concern when we work with any client. In many cases, clients do not need to move out of their homes if services and benefits are coordinated appropriately. This type of transition requires professional support that may be offered by your healthcare insurance. Without knowledge of the correct guidelines on how to receive or become entitled to theses services, one can be prevented from receiving them and remaining at home.

Home care services are not easy to qualify for and can be very confusing if services are not coordinated according to the healthcare insurance guidelines.

Scoop for Seniors can help you by providing you with a Transitional Services Coordinator who will help   maximize your services and benefits through correct planning and coordination.

Our objective is to give you peace of mind in a short period of time, and do it in a cost effective manner.  We concentrate on Care Management and Interventions.    

We pride ourselves on our communication, coordination and knowledge when dealing with the Healthcare Industry.


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