Scoop for Seniors on Benefits Assistance Services

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Call for a Free Consultation 954 961 5223

All the Healthcare and Financial resources available to obtain the appropriate and needed services during and after a transition

Our Coordinator will evaluate your situation and assess the services and benefits available to you and your loved one in Southeast Florida.

Understanding, for example, the Medicaid and Medicare regulations and guidelines is part of our expertise.  We are able to help families with their needs, preventing unexpected financial problems and prevent loss of benefits.

At Scoop for Seniors, we have witnessed many cases where clients or patients were not able to achieve their highest level of functioning due to the lack of coordination of appropriate services.

With our Healthcare Network System and Coordination of Services, Scoop for Seniors can also assist a client who wants to remain in their home. Sometimes, this can be the safer and healthier way to go. We will make sure the person at home has appropriate services and support.

Home care services are not easy to qualify for and can be very confusing if services are not coordinated according to the healthcare insurance guidelines.

Scoop for Seniors can help you by providing you with a Transitional Services Coordinator who will help   maximize your services and benefits through correct planning and coordination.

Speak with a Transitional Services Coordinator at 954 961 5223