How do I get Medicaid to pay for my Services?

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 How Do I Get Medicaid to Pay for My Services?

Medicaid helps give financial assistance to those who qualify based on their medical and financial situation.  
A person must meet financial, medical, and residential requirements in order to receive benefits.  The Medicaid program has very strict guidelines.  But, with knowledgeable, professional assistance, you will find that income and assets can be restructured in order to protect the patient and/or family.  In so doing, this can give the patient a better quality of life. The Long-Term Care Diversion Program and the Medicaid Waiver Program in Florida are two programs that help people avoid going to a nursing home.  Instead, through these programs, a person can remain in their home or go to an Assisted Living Facility.  In order to qualify, one must still meet the requirements for a nursing home.
Note that Medicaid does not pay the whole cost of care.  This is based on his/her income.   Scoop for Seniors can assist you in understanding these very specific programs and help you receive the services that you are entitled to.
For more information about these services and programs,
call a Transitional Coordinator at 954 961 5223. 

A Medicaid Specialist can guide you through the Medicaid Program.