What can 55+ Network can do for you? Reaching the fifty five plus demographic with services and products market - Advertising - Promotion - Marketing

Sunday, 07 August 2011 22:18 administrator


55 + Magazine Network can help you reach your goals, connecting you with the right people, markets and segments of the community.

55+ Network will connect you with diverse markets such as the Hispanic Market, Diversity Market, 55+ Market, Geriatric Market and many other segments of our population.

55+ Network will help you present your services via our unique Print, Social, Online and Professional contact, ending in a positive and profitable outcome.  Advertising with us is Being Listed… Being Known.

We dedicate our efforts in reaching the 55+ market as a society that continuously changes via our professional relationships with profit and/or not for profit organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce and the big box retailers.

We will help you and your organization present products, services and media in an educational and non threatening manner to other professionals and potential clients.

We concentrate on YOU and YOUR business because we understand the needs of this specific market. 

Join the NETWORK contacting us at 954 967 6191 for more information