Why target the 55+ market: Reaching the 55+ demographic with services, products and a professional networking system in south Florida

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  America's 78 million Baby Boomers comprise 28 percent of the population but carry more than 50% of the purchasing power. This number ranges from $2.1 trillion to $2.3 trillion.* 33% of South Florida’s population is over the age 65. Unlike younger consumers, they're not interested in spending money on the latest trends but instead purchasing goods and services to enhance their health conscience lifestyles.

  Our readership has emerged as a powerful consumer base in search of better health. Older Americans are providing business opportunities in all aspects of Healthcare and pharmaceutical needs.

 This demographic, the largest in modern history, is an essential part of your business.

13% of all Baby Boomers are part of a minority group. 55+ Magazine is sensitive to the needs of all people regardless of race, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and national origins.

OUR targeted readership is the demographic between the ages of 55 and 74. America’s 78 million Baby Boomers comprise 28 % of the population but carry more than 50% of the purchasing power. 33% of the South Florida population is over age 65. Furthermore, Boomers spend more than seven times Generation X and Y combined and they outspend the other ages in every category!*

The rise in the number of our older population has an impact on the demand for several types of consumer goods and services, such as health care, health-related products, travel, and entertainment. This trend has changed the general perception of the mature market, from retired elders living on a fixed income to an attractive demographic that companies need to target.



South Florida’s preferred free bilingual senior magazine offers a full directory by county. Information includes community resource organization addresses and phone numbers, as well as hospitals, skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers, assisted living facilities, home care and other services.

    55+ Network is the perfect network, created by professionals for professionals, connecting businesses with the intention of netting a positive result as the ultimate goal.

  The Recreational Distribution Division under Fifty Five Plus Lifestyle, with the cooperation of Scoop For Seniors, provides books, games, videos, and recordings for activity directors, recreation and creative arts therapists, occupational and rehab therapists, and other caregivers who work with the elderly and/or senior adults.

   We understand the needs of the diverse South Florida community and we are committed to serving them. It is our intent to be an all-inclusive magazine. Minority groups make up 13% of the population, and we are committed to the needs of all of our readers.

Our magazine is locally owned and operated. We understand the needs of the community because we live here. South Florida is our home; we are committed to servicing our diverse community. It is our intent to be an all inclusive magazine; 13% of the population is a member of a minority group – we will be sensitive to the needs of all of our readers!

The free bilingual publication 55+ magazine in southeast Florida with information on services, assistance,products and resources for Baby boomers,Seniors,caregivers and healthcare professionals . Our online and toll free number provide resources which includes: Home Care Services in Fort Lauderdale, Home Health agencies and Nursing Registries Agencies in Miami Dade, Home care services and Nursing Registries in Broward and Home Care Services and Nursing Registries agencies in Palm beach. We continue expanding our directories in assisted living in Palm Beach and Broward Assisted Living, Adult day care centers, hospitals, hospices centers and nursing homes in Fort Lauderdale Broward and Palm Beach and Miami Dade Counties directories.

Resources at 55 + (plus) Magazine network is sponsor by www.placementcounselors.com , www.browardassistedliving.uswww.palmbeachassisteliving.us , www.floridaassistedliving.us  , www.scoopforseniors.com

55+ Magazine and its Network concentrates on developing new business contacts on an ongoing basis, generates a prospect database with the intention of accelerating the sales process of a product or a service geared for the Baby Boomers, Caregivers, Geriatric Market and Healthcare Professionals.

55+(Plus) connects our advertisers and network members so they may access the correct consumer, meaning the decision maker, provide hands-on exposure to products via our online 55+ Magazine Website and retail service department via our 55+ Lifestyle Section sponsored by Scoop for Seniors, LLC.

Our mission is to identify and assess new markets, maintain market viability, introduce our network members and their company or companies to a new market. We concentrate on the launch of a new product or service from our members, counteracting competitor claims. With the implementation of our print and online version of 55+ Magazine and the Toll Free numbers of our Free Resource Center, we generate media exposure, build brand awareness, recruit new distributors, retailers or representatives, creating the most comprehensive Marketing strategy for the 55+ Plus market.

Through the efforts of our Network and Advertisers, we are able to connect our members and assist them to network with the regional business community, expanding their business out of county, out of state and internationally. Members will gain customer feedback, maintain profile with competitors and test the market for new product or service development.